Monday, December 5, 2011

5 best tips for journalists' use of multimedia

              The end of the semester is coming and we learned a lot. In the multimedia class, where we were posting things and information on our blogs, we learned a lot.

              Of course that multimedia journalism is something reallyhuge and it keep growing fast.
Think on that, I separate 5 best tips for journalists' use of multimedia. I found and article and I decide to put the tips on my own words. Here they are:

1. Offer your readers options.
 Show your reader a lot of options. If you putting a audio, you can also put a graphic to illustrate what you are talking about. Also, you can put pictures and make your post more creative and dynamic.

2. Podcast production
If you are planning to do a podcast you need to read more and more about it. You need to know how to record you audio, the best way to edit and, of course how to find a way to export all your hard work when you are done. If you love podcasting or want to try to do one, just click here for some useful tips.

 3. Plan.
If you want to be a good multimedia journalist you need to plan. If you are going to talk about a topic or a subject you need to know about it before you go write anything. A journalist needs always to investigate and seek more information.

4. How to use Photoshop
Photoshop has being really incredible. There is many ways to do a lot of different thing on photoshop. One of my favorites is how to do a Sunset in a picture. A sunset, especially at sea, can be an amazing color spectacle. If you want to know more about useful tips on photoshop click here.

5. The more tools the better.
Use what you have but if you can go and get something extra, perfect. If you have a camera to take pictures of an interview or a place you visit that's good. Also a extra audio or even a descripstion can add something else to the story.

* Read some of this tips and others by clicking here.

Have a great christmas and new eyers everyone!



click here to see my first podcast about me and my friend Logan trip to Brazil two years ago.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do's and Dont's of an intern


The whole semester I was putting here information about my internship at channel 9. You followed my journey in the internship and what I did while I was over there. I learned a lot of stuff, including:

- White balance, focus, filter of a camera when you are shooting
- How to do live shots
- How to report a story outside of the box, with different ways of telling it
- How to write fast and straight to the point to news
- How the newsroom work during a newscast
- Operate some of the programs they use at KMBC
- I went out in a lot of Stories
- Did undercover stories as well

It is so many things I leaned that is hard to point it out. Once I start to think always come up more things in my head. What I would recommend any Broadcasting major is to do a internship in their field of interest. To start off I have a link to a article that talks about what to do or not in a internship.

Do's and Dont's for college interns

I would love to find out that someone did an internship after being encourage from what I wrote.

I wish the best of look to all of you in your journey.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This week we work with Photoshop and Light room. Here are my two pictures and the link for my project with the story.

Here is the link to my article!

Link to the project:

Monday, November 7, 2011

My first package

 Great news!

This past monday I finally went out and decided to do my first package. Now I have it right here so you can take a look and give my your opinion.

The good thing it was that I was in a familiar environment, Park University. The story is about the explosion in Atchinson, Kansas. A chemistry teacher at Park University explains how the explosion happened. 

I film a stand-up rushing but I think it turned out good. I wrote my script and log all the interviews that we recorded that day. It took me a long time to edit in Avid. I realized that Adobe Premiere Pro it's way easier to work with.

Professionals at KMBC channel 9 helped me to edit when I started to get a little frustrated while editing the video.

I'm really excited to do more packages now and use the facilities from KMBC.

Bellow is the link to my first package in my internship.

Raphael Vieira - Grain Elevator

Thursday, November 3, 2011


This week we had a focus group at Park University to talk about the broadcasting major in our university.

 Professor Steven Youngblood was hosting and asking questions about the major to former and current students. It was really nice to meet some people that studied at Park and made in the field. We had Al Miller, thats is teaching at Park right now and work at channel 41.

I also met Nima Shaffe from channel 5. He is a Park alumni and he talked about his experience. He did at least 4 internships during his college career at Park. I'm pretty sure that this experience helped him to suceed in the field and to find a job when he got off college.

I'm doing my internship at channel 9, I did at least 5 internship in journalism in Brazil before coming to the US. After the focus group I decided to find another internship for my last semester.

It is really important to have connections and as well the internship give you the opportunity to meet people in the field and to show your work.

I'm looking foward to see what happens next.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This week we did a Journal assigment at In Design. In the beggning was a little confusing but with time I got better at it.

Here is the link to my Journal at In Desing.

My Journal

Monday, October 24, 2011

The day I get to be in front of the camera


this past weeks have been amazing at my internship at channel 9. I did some cool stuff. One of them is related to the case Baby Lisa. I supposed everyone knows that Baby Lisa Irwin is missing for 3 weeks. One of those days I went out with reporter Marcus Moore and photographer Taka to talk to a former FBI agent.

Convenient or no, the agent lives in Parkville. We went there and he had a polygraph test ready to go. We were going to talk about taking a polygraph test in stressful situations, like what happened to the mother of baby Lisa when the baby vanished.

I got the change to do the polygraph test. The agent put all the equipment on me and asked me some question. I'm from Brazil, he asked me if I was from Brazil and I lied saying no. The polygraph caught my lie and showed in the test. It was really cool and kind scary to know that I was caught.

While doing that, the photographer was recording to put on the 9 and 10 o'clock news on that night. I was excited and I told everyone.

So if you missed and want to take a look, here it is the link to watch it:

Missing baby Lisa Irwin

Also, today I went to do a undercover/investigative news that will air in November. More details when it's aired.This experience has been amazing.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New computer lab


This week I have been working on my project for Media Skills class.

We were assigned to do a podcast about the new computer lab at Park University.

Bellow is the link to hear my podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

Link to audio

Friday, September 16, 2011

A day of learning at KMBC

Hello, welcome to my blog. I expect you have a good and entertain reading while surfing in my blog. Let's go for my first post.

I'm a senior broadcasting student at Park University. I'm from Brazil and I'm studying abroad since August 2008.

Some weeks ago I started a internship at channel KMBC channel 9. It has been a dream to work over there. When I first got in the US I barely could speak english, and now 3 years later I'm speaking fluent english and working with communication. I'm blessed.

Well let's talk about my past experience this past monday. I went out with reporter Martin Augustina and with photographer Taka. They both tought me a lot of things. I learned how to operate a professional camera, how to plug and do the balance and focus of the image. Also I recorded a stand-up pretending I was doing for a package.

We interview people and got some really got images. There story was about the federal found for Amtrak that might be cut off by the government. That could cause the end of some state routes like the KC-St. Louis one. I found a couple that share custody of their child and use the train to do so.

Martin got a really good sound bit of them. In the night we went back there to do the live shot for the live newcast. It was amazing to learn and see how a real reporter and photographer work, especially live. I also had the chance to go out with the photograper (Taka) to do a story. Yes, I did the interviews and when I came back I edit the VO to go on air. That was an amazing experience because they use the package that I edit in the air. Also the sound bit that I did. I was happy.

But if you wanna know a little bit more about the Amtrak story, bellow is the link to check out the story. Remember that I was right there, just behing the camera watching the reporter.

Amtrak train package - KMBC 9

I'm so excited for my next day at KMBC.