Friday, September 16, 2011

A day of learning at KMBC

Hello, welcome to my blog. I expect you have a good and entertain reading while surfing in my blog. Let's go for my first post.

I'm a senior broadcasting student at Park University. I'm from Brazil and I'm studying abroad since August 2008.

Some weeks ago I started a internship at channel KMBC channel 9. It has been a dream to work over there. When I first got in the US I barely could speak english, and now 3 years later I'm speaking fluent english and working with communication. I'm blessed.

Well let's talk about my past experience this past monday. I went out with reporter Martin Augustina and with photographer Taka. They both tought me a lot of things. I learned how to operate a professional camera, how to plug and do the balance and focus of the image. Also I recorded a stand-up pretending I was doing for a package.

We interview people and got some really got images. There story was about the federal found for Amtrak that might be cut off by the government. That could cause the end of some state routes like the KC-St. Louis one. I found a couple that share custody of their child and use the train to do so.

Martin got a really good sound bit of them. In the night we went back there to do the live shot for the live newcast. It was amazing to learn and see how a real reporter and photographer work, especially live. I also had the chance to go out with the photograper (Taka) to do a story. Yes, I did the interviews and when I came back I edit the VO to go on air. That was an amazing experience because they use the package that I edit in the air. Also the sound bit that I did. I was happy.

But if you wanna know a little bit more about the Amtrak story, bellow is the link to check out the story. Remember that I was right there, just behing the camera watching the reporter.

Amtrak train package - KMBC 9

I'm so excited for my next day at KMBC.

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