Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do's and Dont's of an intern


The whole semester I was putting here information about my internship at channel 9. You followed my journey in the internship and what I did while I was over there. I learned a lot of stuff, including:

- White balance, focus, filter of a camera when you are shooting
- How to do live shots
- How to report a story outside of the box, with different ways of telling it
- How to write fast and straight to the point to news
- How the newsroom work during a newscast
- Operate some of the programs they use at KMBC
- I went out in a lot of Stories
- Did undercover stories as well

It is so many things I leaned that is hard to point it out. Once I start to think always come up more things in my head. What I would recommend any Broadcasting major is to do a internship in their field of interest. To start off I have a link to a article that talks about what to do or not in a internship.

Do's and Dont's for college interns

I would love to find out that someone did an internship after being encourage from what I wrote.

I wish the best of look to all of you in your journey.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This week we work with Photoshop and Light room. Here are my two pictures and the link for my project with the story.

Here is the link to my article!

Link to the project:

Monday, November 7, 2011

My first package

 Great news!

This past monday I finally went out and decided to do my first package. Now I have it right here so you can take a look and give my your opinion.

The good thing it was that I was in a familiar environment, Park University. The story is about the explosion in Atchinson, Kansas. A chemistry teacher at Park University explains how the explosion happened. 

I film a stand-up rushing but I think it turned out good. I wrote my script and log all the interviews that we recorded that day. It took me a long time to edit in Avid. I realized that Adobe Premiere Pro it's way easier to work with.

Professionals at KMBC channel 9 helped me to edit when I started to get a little frustrated while editing the video.

I'm really excited to do more packages now and use the facilities from KMBC.

Bellow is the link to my first package in my internship.

Raphael Vieira - Grain Elevator

Thursday, November 3, 2011


This week we had a focus group at Park University to talk about the broadcasting major in our university.

 Professor Steven Youngblood was hosting and asking questions about the major to former and current students. It was really nice to meet some people that studied at Park and made in the field. We had Al Miller, thats is teaching at Park right now and work at channel 41.

I also met Nima Shaffe from channel 5. He is a Park alumni and he talked about his experience. He did at least 4 internships during his college career at Park. I'm pretty sure that this experience helped him to suceed in the field and to find a job when he got off college.

I'm doing my internship at channel 9, I did at least 5 internship in journalism in Brazil before coming to the US. After the focus group I decided to find another internship for my last semester.

It is really important to have connections and as well the internship give you the opportunity to meet people in the field and to show your work.

I'm looking foward to see what happens next.