Monday, November 7, 2011

My first package

 Great news!

This past monday I finally went out and decided to do my first package. Now I have it right here so you can take a look and give my your opinion.

The good thing it was that I was in a familiar environment, Park University. The story is about the explosion in Atchinson, Kansas. A chemistry teacher at Park University explains how the explosion happened. 

I film a stand-up rushing but I think it turned out good. I wrote my script and log all the interviews that we recorded that day. It took me a long time to edit in Avid. I realized that Adobe Premiere Pro it's way easier to work with.

Professionals at KMBC channel 9 helped me to edit when I started to get a little frustrated while editing the video.

I'm really excited to do more packages now and use the facilities from KMBC.

Bellow is the link to my first package in my internship.

Raphael Vieira - Grain Elevator

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