Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do's and Dont's of an intern


The whole semester I was putting here information about my internship at channel 9. You followed my journey in the internship and what I did while I was over there. I learned a lot of stuff, including:

- White balance, focus, filter of a camera when you are shooting
- How to do live shots
- How to report a story outside of the box, with different ways of telling it
- How to write fast and straight to the point to news
- How the newsroom work during a newscast
- Operate some of the programs they use at KMBC
- I went out in a lot of Stories
- Did undercover stories as well

It is so many things I leaned that is hard to point it out. Once I start to think always come up more things in my head. What I would recommend any Broadcasting major is to do a internship in their field of interest. To start off I have a link to a article that talks about what to do or not in a internship.

Do's and Dont's for college interns

I would love to find out that someone did an internship after being encourage from what I wrote.

I wish the best of look to all of you in your journey.

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