Monday, October 24, 2011

The day I get to be in front of the camera


this past weeks have been amazing at my internship at channel 9. I did some cool stuff. One of them is related to the case Baby Lisa. I supposed everyone knows that Baby Lisa Irwin is missing for 3 weeks. One of those days I went out with reporter Marcus Moore and photographer Taka to talk to a former FBI agent.

Convenient or no, the agent lives in Parkville. We went there and he had a polygraph test ready to go. We were going to talk about taking a polygraph test in stressful situations, like what happened to the mother of baby Lisa when the baby vanished.

I got the change to do the polygraph test. The agent put all the equipment on me and asked me some question. I'm from Brazil, he asked me if I was from Brazil and I lied saying no. The polygraph caught my lie and showed in the test. It was really cool and kind scary to know that I was caught.

While doing that, the photographer was recording to put on the 9 and 10 o'clock news on that night. I was excited and I told everyone.

So if you missed and want to take a look, here it is the link to watch it:

Missing baby Lisa Irwin

Also, today I went to do a undercover/investigative news that will air in November. More details when it's aired.This experience has been amazing.

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