Monday, December 5, 2011

5 best tips for journalists' use of multimedia

              The end of the semester is coming and we learned a lot. In the multimedia class, where we were posting things and information on our blogs, we learned a lot.

              Of course that multimedia journalism is something reallyhuge and it keep growing fast.
Think on that, I separate 5 best tips for journalists' use of multimedia. I found and article and I decide to put the tips on my own words. Here they are:

1. Offer your readers options.
 Show your reader a lot of options. If you putting a audio, you can also put a graphic to illustrate what you are talking about. Also, you can put pictures and make your post more creative and dynamic.

2. Podcast production
If you are planning to do a podcast you need to read more and more about it. You need to know how to record you audio, the best way to edit and, of course how to find a way to export all your hard work when you are done. If you love podcasting or want to try to do one, just click here for some useful tips.

 3. Plan.
If you want to be a good multimedia journalist you need to plan. If you are going to talk about a topic or a subject you need to know about it before you go write anything. A journalist needs always to investigate and seek more information.

4. How to use Photoshop
Photoshop has being really incredible. There is many ways to do a lot of different thing on photoshop. One of my favorites is how to do a Sunset in a picture. A sunset, especially at sea, can be an amazing color spectacle. If you want to know more about useful tips on photoshop click here.

5. The more tools the better.
Use what you have but if you can go and get something extra, perfect. If you have a camera to take pictures of an interview or a place you visit that's good. Also a extra audio or even a descripstion can add something else to the story.

* Read some of this tips and others by clicking here.

Have a great christmas and new eyers everyone!

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